• OTC Ep. 7 – Video Gaming Teaches Kids Social Skills With Josh Bound of VGC USA

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    What do you do when you have a child that loves video gaming but struggles to develop social skills in traditional settings? 

    What if there was a place they could go that combined their love of gaming and teaching social skills while giving back to the surrounding community?

    So many of today’s youth struggle with social skills.  Whether they have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s is now covered under this umbrella diagnosis), Sensory Processing Disorder or are dealing with something else like Depression, Anxiety, being bullied or are introverted; there is a large cross-section of our youth that parents are struggling to connect with.  While most parents struggle to understand their child’s love of video gaming and are unwilling to move into this world to connect with their child, Josh Bound suggests doing exactly that.  Through the VGCUSA he is working to help socially awkward kids become socially active.

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    In This Episode


    John talks about how video games can teach kids social skills and giving back to the community as he sits down with Josh Bound, Teacher and Founder of Video Games Clubs of America  

    Meet Josh Bound

    Josh Bound grew up in a single parent household, and fell in love with video games early in his life. He is convinced that Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego developed his love of social studies, global connections and ultimately helped him find teaching as a profession. Josh teaches at the Chambersburg Area Career Magnet School, where in the spring of 2014, he and three students founded the CMS Video Game Club. It is his belief that gaming can be used as a tool to help socially awkward students become socially active citizens. Mr. Bound is actively developing the “Video Games Clubs of America”, a non-profit entity to help establish video game clubs in secondary schools throughout the country. Josh lives in Chambersburg with his wife Heidi, two incredible children Cadmen and Gwendolyn, and his most awesome rescue Pitbull Annabelle.


    • The VGCUSA seeks to teach kids social skills and philanthropy using video gaming as its’s platform
    • They are currently working on development as a 501c3 entity
    • Josh Bound was a speaker at the 2018 TedX Lancaster and his talk will be available soon.  Check here for that
    • Josh and the VGCUSA will be attending the 2019 MAGFest January 3-6, 2019 in the National Harbor, MD as a panelist
    • Josh will also be attending the 2019 Pete & C February 10-13, 2019 in Hershey, PA as a panelist
    • If you’re in Chambersburg, PA stop by the Buffalo Wild Wings and let the manager, Rocco Zubia, know he is the man! #RoccoIsTheMan

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