• OTC Ep. 40 – Dr. Les Parrot – Healthy Me, Healthy Us

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    Everyone wants healthy and happy relationships.  Too often though, we look to external sources to try and complete us.  Which sets us and our relationships up for failure and ultimately leaves us empty and searching for more.  We often look to change others rather than work on ourselves.  Dr. Les Parrott in his newest book teaches tangible techniques for how to improve ourselves and “get healthy”.

    “If you try to build intimacy with another person before you’ve done the difficult task of getting whole on your own, all your relationships become an attempt to complete yourself!”

    In This Episode

    Dr. Les Parrott is 1/2 of the dynamic relationship expert duo of Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott (www.lesandleslie.com).  He shares about their latest projects including their book – Healthy Me, Healthy Us, the YADA Assessment and their Save Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) program.  Dr. Les explains the key to a healthy, happy relationship lies in getting healthy as an individual. Their book is packed with great information to help individuals do just that.

    Main Points

    • The best way to improve our relationship is to work on ourselves
    • Learning to retrain your Self-Talk is vital
    • Take time to grow from your past
    • Our blind spots can trip us up
    • The YADA Assessment (www.yada.com) is a vital tool to help increase self awareness

    Meet Dr. Les Parrott

    #1 New York Times bestselling authors Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott are psychologists and founders of the game-changing online assessment, BetterLove.com. Their best-selling books include Love Talk, Crazy Good Sex and the award-winning Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. Their work has been featured in the New York Times and USA Today and on CNN, “Good Morning America,” the “Today Show,” “The View” and “Oprah”. Discover more at LesAndLeslie.com

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    Meet John Dennis

    John is a licensed professional counselor with over 14 years of experience who specializes in counseling for individuals, couples, children, and adolescents. He focuses on working with anxious teens and adults, couples who are struggling to connect with one another, and those dealing with grief and loss.

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