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    If you would like to ask a question that will be answered on the show there are two ways to get us your questions:

    1. Email – You can email your question to [email protected] and include in the subject “Podcast Question”
    2. Call – You can call (717) 897-0577 and leave a voicemail on our podcast voicemail.

    Please understand that due to the volume of questions we receive that not every question will be answered.  The name of the person asking the question will be changed to protect their anonymity.  You will not receive a response from the email or voicemail.


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    We have created a Patreon account for listeners to donate in order to keep the show going.  Your donations go towards show production, equipment and hosting costs.  Patrons who donate have special access to behind-the-scenes episodes, PDFs and e-books that non-patrons do not have.  Thank you so much for your willingness to support this service!  Through your donations we’re able to continue providing information and resources that help others access quality mental health services.

    The Latest Episodes

    Episode 41

    OTC Ep. 41-Real Conversations With Dr. Christine Moutier

    Episode 40

    OTC Ep. 40 – Healthy Me, Healthy Us With Dr. Les Parrot

    Episode 39

    OTC Ep. 39 – Love In The Time Of Corona With Laura Heck, LMFT

    Episode 38

    OTC Ep. 38 – Mindfulness & Bibliotherapy With Dr. Frank Sileo

    Episode 37

    OTC Ep. 37 – Profit First With Mike Michalowicz

    Episode 36

    OTC Ep. 36 – The Cancer Trauma Project with Schuyler Cunningham


    Episode 35

    OTC Ep. 35 – Dating Radar with Megan Hunter

    Episode 34

    OTC Ep. 34 – Child & Adolescent Therapy With Carrie Nicklas

    Episode 33

    OTC Ep. 33 – Therapeutic Abuse With Amy Lynne Johnson

    Episode 32

    OTC Ep 32 – Maybe You Should Talk To Someone With Lori Gottlieb

    Episode 31

    OTC Ep 31 – Culinary Art Therapy

    Episode 30

    OTC Ep 30 – Trucker Therapy

    Episode 29

    OTC Ep 29 – Sleep Hygiene

    Episode 28

    OTC Ep 28 – Art Therapy

    Episode 27

    OTC Ep. 27 – UDS Service Dogs

    Episode 26

    OTC Ep. 26 – Youth Suicide With Dr. Jonathan Singer

    Episode 25

    OTC Ep. 25 – School Psychologists With Kristi Peterson

    Episode 24

    OTC Ep. 24 – Back To School Part 2

    Episode 23

    OTC Ep. 23 – Back To School Part 1

    Episode 22

    OTC Ep. 22 – Mental Toughness With Don Mann

    Episode 21

    OTC Ep. 21 – High Conflict Relationships with Bill Eddy

    Episode 20


    OTC Ep. 20 – Walk And Talk Therapy With Clay Cockrell

    Episode 19


    OTC Ep. 19 – Eating Disorder Treatment With Allison Puyear

    Episode 18

    OTC Ep. 18 – Increasing Gratitude With John Israel

    Episode 17

    OTC Ep. 17 – Work-Life Balance With Kasey Compton

    Episode 16

    OTC Ep.16 – Psych Testing 101 with Dr. Jeremy Sharp

    Episode 15

    OTC Ep.15 -Co-Parenting With Heather Jay-Boardman


    Episode 14

    OTC Ep. 14 – The Power of Positive Brainwashing

    Episode 13

    OTC Ep. 13 – Relationship 911 Part 3

    Episode 12

    OTC Ep. 12 –  Relationship 911 Part 2

    Episode 11

    OTC Ep. 11 – Relationship 911 Part 1

    Episode 10

    OTC Ep. 10 – Slowing Down Creates AHA Moments With Joe Sanok

    Episode 9

    OTC Ep. 9 – Jennifer Seletzky-Davidson Helps Families Living With Autism Complete the Services Puzzle

    Episode 8

    OTC Ep. 8 – Forgiving $16 Million In Medical Debt With Rachael Norman of Better

    Episode 7

    OTC Ep. 7 – Video Gaming Teaches Kids Social Skills With Josh Bound of VGC USA

    Episode 6

    OTC Ep. 6 – Alison Pidgeon Helps Mothers Move Forward

    Episode 5

    OTC Ep. 5 – Lauren Eckert Coaches Teens & Young Adults On Executive Functioning

    Episode 4

    OTC Ep. 4 – Joanna Dennstaedt Spreads Hope And Support To Cancer Survivors


    Episode 3

    Listen to OTC Ep. 3 – How To Break Up With Your Therapist


    Episode 2

    Listen to OTC Ep. 2 – Your First Therapy Appointment


    Episode 1

    Listen to OTC Ep. 1 – How To Find The Right Therapist


    Episode 0

    Listen to OTC Episode 0 – Podcast Launch